Would you risk your life and give up the woman you love
to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the earth?

In A Farewell To Kings, Michael Gavon, a Rush-quoting computer geek, seeks to fulfill his impossible dream. Aided by the negotiating skills of Marena San Leoni, Michael now faces the two most daunting challenges on earth:
  • Convince the powers that be to eliminate nuclear weapons
  • Keep to his side of 'that fine line' with the very lovely Marena
He may have to choose one or the other, if he lives long enough.

Meanwhile, forces of darkness and light battle for the hearts and minds of the people; those in the crosshairs, and those whose fingers are on the trigger.

"In short, I think the book is very good. It is an important story, and you have told it well."
Neil Peart, Percussionist & Lyricist
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